What is iBEX?

iBEX is a Bitcoin Bureau de Change, that allows you to Buy and Sell Bitcoin.


You may not recognize it at first, but when you buy your first Bitcoin it's probably going to be one of the most important moments of your life.


We recognize the significance of this moment as you instantly become financially emancipated when you stack your first sats.

This is no small statement, because when you own Bitcoin, you gain access to the hardest most honest form of money in existence.


Bitcoin is a crazy, cool and complex thing.


We understand that everyone comes to it from a different viewpoint, and each transaction is done face-to-face to ensure you get the best First Time Buying Experience.

Who is iBEX?

Hello. My name is Alex(or Dragos) and i run iBEX. I am a Bitcoiner and I have been around since 2012.


In 2012 I was studying Computer Science when I stumbled into Bitcoin. I imiediatly quit college. I remember telling my friends “Dude, if this is for real, this will be bigger than the internet.”


Ever since then every waking second of my life has been about Bitcoin.


I started quite a few Bitcoin projects. From mining farms to building an aggregator of all the Bitcoin Telegram groups at the time.


Today at iBEX i want to make sure our customers will get the best First Time Buying Experience. Why? Because everyone remembers the first time they bought Bitcoin.

We are Bitcoiners.

We remember the first time we encountered Bitcoin and it was a tricky one. It makes a whole world of difference when you have someone that will sit down with you and explain and show you how to do things properly. We do this with all our customers.

Lifetime warranty. If you traded with us as much as a single Satoshi you can always call us and ask us any Bitcoin related question or ask for any type of assistance.

Why iBEX?